GUSD Room Reservation Procedures

  1. Call the hotel of your choice and confirm that they accept company checks in advance as a form of payment.

  2. Use your personal credit card to HOLD your room.

  3. Request an invoice or quote from the hotel listing the amount that must be payed for the rooms. This document should contain a room confirmation number or an invoice number.

  4. Submit the invoice or quote with a requisition attached to Accounts Payable.

  5. A check will be mailed to the address you provided on your requisition form to pay for your room before your arrival so that your personal credit card is not charged. You must leave your personal credit card on file with the hotel for any extra charges such as room service.

Note: Checks are mailed once a month, the day after every board meeting. You must allow time for both your requisition and payment to go through the district approval process. It is highly recommended that you submit your paperwork and allow a minimum of 30 days to successfully process payment.

*For questions regarding travel and conference procedures contact Hugo Luna at the district office (209)854-3784